Could This Be the Central Control Point Critics Have Been Whining For?

Wednesday, July 02 2003 @ 09:29 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Peter Galli at eWEEK, who gets a lot of good stories first, is reporting that Linus' "right-hand man", Andrew Morton, will also work full-time for the Open Source Development Lab. He will concentrate on the 2.6 kernel. Linus' statement said in part, "Now the maintainers of both the development kernel and the stable kernel have the support of a vendor-neutral organization committed to advancing Linux." The story seems to be indicating, to me anyway, the answer to complaints about no centralized oversight of the kernel, depending on the details. Of course, GNU already has such structure with FSF, so this would complete the oversight. Here's what OSDL's spokesman said:

"We are clearly being recognized as the center of gravity for Linux and are in the midst of forming a customer end-user advisory council to look at the business proposition of Linux and what users need from a full value chain if you will to implement Linux enterprise wide."

They also say that they are putting their money where their mouth is, and for sure, if they intend on being the central point, they really are, because centralization usually means somebody to sue.

That, of course, is what businesses like.