Well, Well, What a Surprise...Not

Monday, May 19 2003 @ 05:25 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

ZDNET UK says that "Microsoft is acquiring rights to Unix technology from SCO...According to a statement from Microsoft, the company will license SCO's Unix patents and the source code."

MS's atty Brad Smith said acquiring the licence from SCO "is representative of Microsoft's ongoing commitment to repecting intellectual property and the IT community's healthy exchange of IP through licensing."

The only questions I have are, Was SCO their running dog from the beginning? Is this whole lawsuit manufactured with the "higher" goal of destroying Linux in the enterprise market? And just how far do they hope to take this destroy-Linux strategy?

SCO, I found out, got just 2% of its income from its Linux offerings. It's a 98% UNIX company, which by definition puts it at odds with enterprise Linux shops like RedHat and SUSe, who target the previously Unix market and who are the two Linux distributors SCO has singled out as allegedly having SCO proprietary code in their distributions. The same link shows that SCO admits there is no proprietary code in the Linux kernel.