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Tuesday, July 22 2003 @ 10:25 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

This is the new one:

1. Registration Number: TX-5-705-356
Title: UNIX system V, release 4.1ES.
Description: Computer program.
Note: Printout (20 p.) only deposited.
Claimant: the SCO Group, Inc.
Created: 1991
Published: 27Jun91
Registered: 30Jun03
Author on © Application: UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., employer for hire.
Previous Related Version: Prev. reg. 1992, TXu 510-028, et al.
Claim Limit: NEW MATTER: revisions.
Special Codes: 1/C

Here's the prior copyright it refers to:

Title: UNIX.
Edition: 5th ed.
Note: Computer program; with programmer's manual by K. Thompson, D. M. Ritchie.
Claimant: Unix System Laboratories, Inc.
Created: 1973
Registered: 25Mar92
Title on Application:UNIX operating system.
Author on Application: American Telephone & Telegraph Company (employer for hire)
Miscellaneous: C.O. corres.
Special Codes: 1/C