A Mountain of Evidence

Thursday, May 22 2003 @ 01:53 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

First, SCO resigned its membership in a German Linux group after they asked for more info about SCO claims that UNIX code is in Linux. They just really don't want to tell us.

MS documents are being shredded in Utah by Caldera, now the SCO Group. The documents are from the antitrust lawsuit Caldera brought against MS, which was settled in 2000. SCO persuaded the judge to allow the destruction of the documents, but not before Sun Microsystem's attys got a subpoena to seek evidence for its own action against MS. They have digitized 40 boxes of MS internal communications. The rest of the boxes are being shredded as we speak, some 900 or so boxes, and will become... um...toilet paper.

"I have written confirmation that several hundred boxes have already been turned into paper mulch," said J. Harrison Colter, an attorney for the Canopy Group, which is now representing SCO/Caldera in the documents matter. Dale Rice, a San Francisco attorney representing Microsoft, said she understood all the documents -- including the ones taken by Sun -- should be shredded within a matter of days. Shredding of the Microsoft archives was a major undertaking for Recall Secure Destruction Service's Salt Lake City plant..."

So many simply amazing coincidences in this story. Yes, my lip is curling again...or maybe it's my stomach turning.

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