SCO Down, MS in Trouble, and . . .

Sunday, July 27 2003 @ 12:04 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

SCO Down, MS in Trouble, and . . .
The White House Uses GNU/Linux --

Are Pigs Flying, or What?

Take a look at SCO stock. I guess all the insider trading was just in the nick of time. Note all the July 24 entries.

Microsoft has patent troubles, maybe huge ones. Here are a couple of articles in Fortune about the Intertrust case. They didn't do too well at the pretrial hearing. It's good to read up on patents, because I suspect MS plans on attacking GNU/Linux with a patent issue eventually, either directly or through a surrogate. It doesn't hurt to get mentally ready. Here is another article on patents you might enjoy.

And saving the best for last, in the pigs-must-be-flying department, Netcraft reports that the White House web site is running on Linux and Apache. That tops Hellman's, don't you think?

Linux attracts an ecclectic crowd, it seems. SCO told us terrorists like it. Now we learn, so does the White House. I think it may be a tad difficult to dis GNU/Linux users as "Linux-loving crunchies" now, huh, Forbes? At least without disrespecting the White House at the same time... while the whole world falls on the floor laughing, which I am doing myself this exact minute. All in all, a really satisfying day.

P.S. The Register called SCO to ask about the White House, and asked if they would be going after them. SCO spokesman said, "If the White House is running that, they are probably a candidate." Those SEC-bound, might want to reread that Forbes article, just for old times' sake. It explains the Canopy Group, SCO's master. Here's a National Law Journal article on the top litigators under 40 in America.