If We Send You an Invoice, Then Will You Pay Us?

Monday, August 11 2003 @ 02:58 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

If We Send You an Invoice, Then Will You Pay Us?

Now SCO says it will send out invoices to the 1500 companies that got the earlier warning from them, and maybe you too, in the next weeks or months. What? You mean you aren't in a hurry to stand before a judge? Expected response from one and all: yawn. Here's the article:

"SCO Group Inc is preparing to invoice customers running or developing with Linux, while broadening its copyright net to include manufacturers of embedded systems. . . .

"Invoices will be dispatched in the 'next weeks or months' a company spokesperson confirmed.

"Those being billed will include 1,500 end-users who were earlier this year informed by SCO in writing they should seek legal advice as running Linux violated the company's copyright. Customers running Linux who were not on SCO's original mailing list will also be targeted."

Chris Sontag says you end user pirates better not wait for the legal case to be over, or you'll have to "face the consequences":

"'SCO has the right to defend its copyright all the way down to the end user,' said Sontag. 'If necessary we will start picking end users to enforce our rights.' Sontag warned that SCO had no qualms about enforcing its claimed rights anywhere in the world - including the UK."

And if that doesn't work, then they'll huff and they'll puff and they'll blow your house down.

With FUD galore.