"Why Is the SCO Group Doing This?"

Friday, September 19 2003 @ 06:17 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Look what those pesky rascals are up to now. A page all about their Linux Kernel Personality, which they are now pushing as a way to escape Linux, which they say they know many of you are wanting to do. It lets you run GNU/Linux apps on their UNIX kernel, so you get everything about GNU/Linux but the kernel, and, of course, the freedom the GPL gives you.

Here are some snips that will either make you gag or fall on the floor laughing. Me? Why, both at the same time, silly, and what a sensation that is:

"Why is The SCO Group® doing this?

"SCO recognizes that many customers want to migrate away from Linux, but can’t afford to disrupt their day to day operations, nor can they afford the engineering resources to port and test the Linux applications in a UnixWare environment. The Linux Kernel Personality addresses all of these concerns. Native Linux applications runs unchanged on UnixWare, which provides the following benefits to the customer:

• Customers can asses using UnixWare in their environment without making costly application program changes.

• Customers who want to migrate to UnixWare, but some of the source code for critical applications they need to continue to run is no longer available.

• Customers are considering migration to UnixWare but are concerned about the risk of changing both the operating system and the application at the same time."

That's it. We're staying with Linux because we're just too busy to migrate away. I'm sure you'll see what a great improvement this LkP will make in your life, when you read this part of their page:

"Can I mix the use of Linux and UNIX commands?

"Yes, but you should use caution when doing this because the two environments differ. You can access the Linux side of the filesystem by adding the prefix ``/linux'' to filenames. To access the UNIX side, use the prefix ``/unixware''."

Won't that be fun, typing a lot of extra commands all day long? Nothing to it. Just keep doing that day after day and you'll soon be typing /linux in your dreams. But here's my favorite part:

"Didn’t SCO suspend its Linux product line?

"Yes. The Linux products were suspended due to intellectual property issues associated with Linux. The LkP feature doesn’t contain a Linux kernel, and therefore to the best of our knowledge, there should be no infringement issues. If the prior statement were proven inaccurate, SCO would take appropriate steps. In the meantime, the LKP feature is available to assist customer migration from Linux."

To the best of their knowledge, eh? And if that proves not to be so, they will take "appropriate steps" like... um..indemnification, maybe? No? Not on the list? This equivocation tells my nose we're getting warm now, asking them to show us the LkP source code.

As for the title they chose for this section, "Why is the SCO Group Doing This?", ah, yes, psychological metaphysics. Why, indeed? Truly, a question for the ages.