Invoices Not Needed, SCO Says

Wednesday, October 01 2003 @ 12:49 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

In this Detroit News story Blake Stowell explains why no one has received an invoice:

"SCO in August said Linux users could avoid lawsuits by paying a one-time fee of $699. The fee will rise to $1,399 on Oct. 15. Since the response to its appeal was adequate, SCO didn't send bills to thousands of Linux users, company spokesman Blake Stowell said." [emphasis added]

um...'kay. Well, that's that, then. If SCOSpeaks, naturally, we take them at their word. Except, I thought their recently filed 10Q said they had no takers. I've only heard of one anonymous payor mentioned in the press. So, unless there has been a firestorm of interest since that filing, we must conclude that they have come to their senses and have realized they don't need to bully as much money from innocent end users as they thought they did. Either that or it's finally dawned on somebody in Utah with a GPL clue, maybe informed in part by reading a certain open letter, that they were steering their poor little fishing boat into the middle of a perfect storm.