Groklaw's Open Letter Linked to SCO's Backing Off Invoicing

Friday, October 17 2003 @ 02:07 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Computer Business Review indicates our Open Letter to SCO was a factor in SCO's decision to back down from its invoice scheme. I expect the research support document, Digging for Truth, sent with it, had some weight, too.

That seemed worth telling you about in its own article, with its own headline. We all worked so hard on that project, and I can't help but be thrilled at this report. Here's what they said:

"SCO Group Inc is backing-down from threats to invoice organizations running Linux while extending SGI's compliance deadline.

"A company spokesperson said yesterday SCO's plan to invoice organizations, on the basis that Linux illegally contains SCO code, had changed following what he claimed was success of its UnixWare licensing program. . . .

Members of the open source community warned SCO last month in an open letter they would initiate civil action under anti-fraud and consumer protection statutes.

"Reports, meanwhile, said SCO called off its invoicing program in case it lost its $3bn legal action with IBM, in which case it could be found guilty of mail fraud. Mail fraud in the US is a relatively serious offense."

The article also includes the information that the deadline for SGI is extended, as discussions continue. But who can focus on that yet? Not me, for sure. Congratulations, everyone. It was a plum pleasing pleasure working with you.