Details from Novell's Chris Stone and Novell-IBM Linux Seminars

Tuesday, November 04 2003 @ 06:23 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

There is an interview with Novell's Chris Stone here, giving some details about the SuSE acquisition:

"Q: How did the idea to acquire SUSE germinate?

"STONE: In April at BrainShare is when we made the first announcement that NetWare services were going to go basically on top of Linux. We wanted to learn how the open-source community actually works. We didn't want to be the big, bad enterprise company that dove into it.

"We had been working with SUSE for quite some time. But we decided strategically that we really needed to provide the entire stack. So it was about two months ago that we really decided to go for it. They weren't out grocery shopping. We really decided this is what we wanted to do, and we went after it. . . .

"Q: Don't you see this as a risky move at all, in light of the legal actions SCO has taken with respect to Linux?

"STONE: No, not at all. We think the SCO move is pretty much an unsubstantiated claim. They've never been able to prove anything they've been talking about. Our customers have not balked at this issue. I don't believe SUSE has any particular issues with SCO. As far as we're concerned, it hasn't been an issue."

SUSE will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Novell, and SuSE CEO Richard Seibt will be the CEO and general manager, reporting to Novell CEO Jack Messman.

If it interests you, there is a Novell and IBM Linux Solutions Seminar that you can attend free:

"The Novell and IBM Linux Solutions seminar is taking place in more than 40 cities around North America, so locate a seminar near you and register today. All attendees will receive a Linux Solutions kit which will include a Novell Nterprise Linux Services Beta One CD."

It was supposed to be about Ximian, but I'm guessing the topic just expanded. If anyone attends, I would love to hear about it. Here's what they said it was going to be about:

"Attend the seminar to find out what Novell's recent acquisition of Ximian, a leading provider of Linux server and desktop solutions, means for your business."

It started today and runs through the 13th. The cities are listed on the web site. Signing up doesn't guarantee a place, and it's first-come, first-serve. Here, for example, is what they say if you go to sign up for the Nov. 12 NYC event:

"Join us to learn how new Linux solutions from Novell, Ximian, and IBM can expand your options and lower your TCO.

"During this informative event, Novell experts will show you how Novell Nterprise Linux Services, Ximian solutions, and IBM can help you enhance your NetWare environment, embrace open source solutions, and deliver secure, consistent services and support across your NetWare and Linux systems."