First Report from Grokker Inside Hearing: IBM Wins Both Motions to Compel

Friday, December 05 2003 @ 02:30 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

Our first report from a Groklaw volunteer, sam, who attended the court hearing is that IBM won both of its motions to compel and SCO's motion was set for a later date. Here is what sam is telling us, and it's subject to further information and confirmation as more news arrives. We have several attending and I'll do a followup, but this is the first word. Here is what sam is telling us:

"Just returned from the hearing.

"Needless to say there was blood all over the floor on the SCO side of the aisle none on the 'left' side.

"Judge granted both IBM motions to compel, gave SCO thirty days to comply 'with specificity' and suspended further discovery. Did not rule on the SCO motion until next hearing scheduled for Friday, Jan 23 and 10:00 am.

"SCO did say that they will be filing a complaint within days on copyright violations.

"More to come"

So it looks like they have 30 days to finally tell us what code they are talking about "with specificity". Finally.