What Would You Like to Ask SCO on Monday?

Friday, December 19 2003 @ 06:25 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

We've all had some thoughts about analysts and how they have been handling the SCO story, I venture to guess. But here is an opportunity to help them ask the right questions of SCO at Monday's 4th quarter earnings teleconference.

I have been asked what questions Groklaw would like asked. So fire away. I have a few myself.

Linux Journal is reporting that Blake Stowell says there will be no announcement of any copyright lawsuit on Monday:

"'We won't be announcing lawsuits Monday,' said SCO spokesperson Blake Stowell in a phone interview Friday. Stowell said that The SCO Group is, however, likely to make a different announcement 'Monday before the market opens'."

The teleconference will be on Monday at 11 AM Eastern time. Audio will be available at the start time here for those who only want to listen.

Here is an example of a question one person thinks analysts should ask. But you can ask whatever questions you like and I will forward them along.

On a different topic, you have got to read this article in ServerWatch. The author, Michael Hall, changed his mind about the urgency of indemnification for Linux. Why? For one thing, he received a couple of well-written letters that made him think the matter through again. It's Groklaw's dream come true:

"So while we continue to think it's not a bad thing for companies like HP and Sun to offer customers assurances about their legal status in the form of indemnification, it seems less pressing than it did initially. . . .

"Now that we are removed from the breathless press releases and general air of uncertainty SCO's worked hard to promote during the past year, we're less certain we'd be so quick to demand guarantees from Red Hat or anyone else."

Just thought you'd like to know that sometimes it works.