More SCO Letters (Yawn)

Tuesday, January 06 2004 @ 09:20 AM EST

Contributed by: PJ

I must be suffering from SCO ennui, because tons of emails starting last night told me that SCO had sent more letters, but when I read the articles sent, it all looked like the same story as December's SCO letters story. I figured it was people coming back from a holiday and forgetting what they wrote. Or maybe a new SCO press release on the same old song.

Now, the letter is available at here. It's to their UNIX Source Code licensees. It's dated the same general time period as the original letters, December 18, so they are either following the original plan, despite the fact that nobody seems to be taking them seriously at this point, or they got confused and sent the December 19 letter before sending the December 18 letter. Who knows with these people?

I think Lee Gomes of the Wall Street Journal said it the clearest in his article on what the new year will bring in the tech field:

"As for Linux, when will the courts halt the lies of has-been software maker SCO (with $13 million in funding from Microsoft and Sun -- together at last!) as it tries to make the preposterous claim that it, and not the world, owns the free operating system?"'

You need a sub to see this for yourself, and you can't link directly, but if you go here and type in Gomes, you can get it. You might remember Gomes from August's teleconference. He was the one, as in one and only, that asked some real questions and wrote a skeptical article thereafter, the first mainstream journalist I had seen up to that point that didn't swallow the SCO line hook, line, and sinker.

There is another letter to Linux users, listing the allegedly infringing files. The letter they sent to Linux users in December had the same list but also made reference to an attached list of Unix files, but the two people I've heard about that got that letter didn't get any such attachment. I'd like to hear from anyone getting that letter if they have any such list. This new letter makes no such reference. All very weird. All very SCO.