MS Would Like You to Consider an Alternative to Linux for Your Server Needs

Monday, January 12 2004 @ 10:18 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

Remember when Microsoft bought a license from SCO back in May and you asked why they would bother? While the question is probably still valid, here is one likely answer. Yahoo News says Microsoft is preparing to launch its Windows Services For Unix 3.5:

"As LinuxWorld Expo approaches, Microsoft will try to upstage gains made by its open source nemeses next week by launching Windows Services For Unix 3.5. Windows Services for Unix 3.5, which is currently in beta testing and will be officially launched next week, is updated for the latest round of Windows offerings, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. . . . SFU is viewed as a key tool in Microsoft's arsenal for gaining Unix converts and preventing more Linux server wins."

Did we have to go through the SCO soap opera just for this? Is the strategy to make both Unix and Linux unpalatable, so everyone flocks to Microsoft? I can't help but note the timing, right after SCO sends Unix licensees a threatening letter. Up pops a Microsoft solution. Notice what the new product is for:

"The upgrade also significantly improves the ability to recompile Unix and Linux applications to run on Windows, said one key Microsoft executive in charge of battling the Linux threat.

"'It goes up into the 90 percent range,' said Martin Taylor, general manager for Platform Strategies at Microsoft, about the recompiling improvements.

"Taylor also noted the 3.5 edition adds a number of libraries and ASP.NET and CE.NET improvements that will enable easier corporation migrations from Unix to Windows, as well as interoperability of Windows in mixed environments."

Microsoft will have a booth at LinuxWorld to recruit you Linux crunchies to go work for them, which I know you are simply wild to do, especially if Microsoft ends up proving to be behind this sad fiaSCO. If you are interested in reading about Microsoft's chief of beating Linux back, Martin Taylor, here is an interview with him. It's puff piece from last August, but he does indicate what their strategy is.