SCO Files Revised Supplemental Answers to Interrogatories

Thursday, January 29 2004 @ 02:43 AM EST

Contributed by: PJ

If you check Pacer or the US District Court's docket, you will see that SCO apparently filed some kind of supplemental answers to IBM's interrogatories. It's out of order, so look a bit higher than than the end and you will see is at item 99. Thank you to Frank for alerting me. It says simply this:

Filed: 01/20/04
Entered: 01/26/04
Certificate of service
certif svc -/-/- - -

"Docket Text: Certificate of service by SCO Grp re: pla's revised supplemental response to dft's first and second set of interrogatories."

So they have coughed up something to IBM and have filed proof of having served IBM with it. Now it's up to IBM and then the judge to decide if it is enough. We won't get to see it unless one of the parties attaches it as an exhibit to some court filing. Like, oh, a motion for dismissal, for example.