Kaspersky Labs Traces MyDoom to Russia

Friday, January 30 2004 @ 06:32 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

LinuxWorld has the news:

"In a story that would completely exonerate the Linux community, accused by SCO of perhaps being behind this week's e-mail virus, the Moscow Times is carrying a story this morning that the first e-mails infected with MyDoom [trace] back to addresses with Russian Internet providers."

The Moscow Times article adds these details:

"MyDoom, the fastest-proliferating computer virus ever, has been traced to Russia. Using location-sensing software, Kaspersky Labs has traced the first e-mails infected with MyDoom back to addresses with Russian Internet providers.

"'It's scary, but most serious viruses are written in Russia,' said Denis Zenkov, spokesman for Kaspersky, the country's largest anti-virus software company. . . . Russia . . . is often the source of server-stomping viruses, as in the case of MyDoom.

"'We don't understand why, because usually programmers write viruses during an economic downturn when there is no work and nothing else to do,' Zenkov said. 'Right now there is plenty of work for Russian programmers'. . . .MyDoom is not the only virus traced to Russia. Dumaru and Mimail have also betrayed Russian origins. . . .

"If convicted of creating or distributing harmful computer programs, hackers face up to seven years imprisonment under Russian law, according to Microsoft's Yakushev. The Federal Security Service said it was not able to confirm immediately if a criminal investigation had been opened into the MyDoom case.

"If it has, the FSB shouldn't look for some teen computer whiz. 'Its creators are skilled professionals,' Zenkov said."