Huge Upsurge in Spam Reported-- MyDoom Using Zombies to Send Spam

Wednesday, February 18 2004 @ 04:14 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. MyDoom was programmed to send spam, and it is. Here's a Bloomberg report:

"Unsolicited e-mail, or spam, more than doubled to 700 billion messages in January as home personal computers were taken over by viruses, security researchers said.

"The amount of spam worldwide rose from 310 billion unwanted messages in December. As much as 15 percent came from home PCs infected with computer viruses such as the Mydoom worm, said D. K. Matai, chairman of Mi2g, a computer-security consulting firm based in London, citing reports from law-enforcement authorities and discussions with companies.

"President Bush signed legislation Dec. 16 setting new fines and prison terms for those who disseminate spam. The Mydoom virus, which attacked home and company networks through e-mail starting Jan. 26, turns a computer into a "zombie" that waits to receive hackers' instructions over the Internet to send spam."

Will Darl apologize for leaping to ugly conclusions before all the facts were in? Will journalists and editorial writers and analysts take note and make corrections?

While no one yet knows who is responsible, one thing is for sure. Every Microsoft computer user has an opportunity to help fix this problem. Just make sure to clean up all your Windows computers. The damage from MyDoom and other malware would be close to zero if everyone was diligent about taking the necessary steps to make sure they are not being used as zombies. I'm sure SCO would be thankful. Seriously, you can stop MyDoom. Linux users are not contributing to this continuing problem in any way, because MyDoom doesn't take over Linux computers, but you Windows users are. So, please, check to see if your computer is infected and if it is, fix it. That would be the end of MyDoom's mischief. Really. It's just common decency.