One Hand Doesn't Know What the Other Is Doing In the Canopy Group

Saturday, February 21 2004 @ 07:31 AM EST

Contributed by: PJ

The Pentagon has just purchased a Linux supercomputer from LinuxWorx.

"Linux Networx is building a new, high-performance 2,132-CPU Linux cluster supercomputer for the U.S. Department of Defense as part of an IT modernization program being undertaken by the agency.

"In an announcement today, Salt Lake City-based Linux Networx said the Evolocity II cluster will be used by the Army Research Laboratory Major Shared Resource Center (MSRC) as part of the Defense Department's High Performance Computing Modernization Program.

"The supercomputer will be used to increase the research capabilities in the lab, said Charles Nietubicz, acting deputy director of the computational and information sciences directorate at the Army Research Laboratory. The machine, being built at the Army's Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, Md., will be used for weapons research, including calculating projectional dynamics for weapons systems, battlefield weather simulations and battle survivability, he said.

"It will also be used by the lab to help develop advanced technology that can be used in the future by the U.S. military.

"'Networx has proven [that] cluster technology is reliable, robust and mature enough to be selected in even in the most demanding environment,' Thomas Kendall, lead systems engineer at the Army Research Lab said in a statement. 'This system will be a key component of the [lab] and the entire DOD Modernization Program.'"

Here's the irony. LinuxWorx is a Canopy Group company, as you can see from this webpage that you can only see on Wayback. Canopy Group no longer shows their companies on their revamped website. You'd never know from their website that they have any connection to SCO or to LinuxWorx. Here is a press release from 2000 announcing the funding by Canopy, which includes this:

"About The Canopy Group

"As a venture-capital, management and resource Corporation, the Canopy Group is devoted to growing the high-tech industry through funding and influencing emerging technologies. Focused on technology, Canopy tries to add technologies that complement the portfolio as a whole - it never invests in two similar companies or technologies that could compete against each other.

"About the Linux Operating System

"Linux is a computer operating system that is distributed freely on the Internet. As an open source project, Linux allows developers to share information, code and suggestions to continuously maintain and improve the system. Linux Networx selected the operating system for its stability, reliability and rapid development."

How cynical this appears. At the same time, presumably, that one Canopy Group company is negotiating with the DoD to get this account, another, SCO, was sending letters to Congress alleging that Linux is a national security threat. Do they know better, folks?