SCO Files Answer to Red Hat's Request to Supplement the Record

Tuesday, February 24 2004 @ 04:04 AM EST

Contributed by: PJ

UPDATE: We've got the document now, and it is an Answer from SCO to Red Hat's Request to Supplement, not SCO filing to supplement. The notation in Pacer was misleading, which is why I always am reluctant to rely on just a Pacer listing. We should have the document as PDF ready later today, and then we'll transcribe. It's being scanned now.

Original story: According to Pacer, SCO may have followed Red Hat's example and also filed a Motion and Memorandum, requesting to supplement the record. Here is what is on Pacer, although I caution that clerks sometimes make mistakes in recording information, as we learned once before when a clerk recorded incorrectly that Mr. Markarian had been added as an attorney for IBM instead of for SCO, so this is subject to confirmation. The filing mentions a Memorandum of Law filed by the SCO Group, but it's possible it will turn out to be a response to Red Hat's Motion instead. The Pacer entry isn't altogether clear, but a volunteer will go by the courthouse tomorrow and find out:

2/19/04 31 Memorandum of Law Filed by SCO Group Inc. [30-1] motion To Supplement the Record - Reply Brief due 2/26/04 (ft) [Entry date 02/20/04]

Hopefully, we'll have it for you soon.