Wednesday, March 03 2004 @ 12:19 PM EST

Contributed by: MathFox

SCO has put out another press release and announced that they will be suing DaimlerChrysler in Michigan before the day is out, for violating their UNIX license, allegedly:

"The SCO Group, Inc., the owner of the UNIX® operating system and a leading provider of UNIX-based solutions, today announced a lawsuit to be filed against DaimlerChrysler Corporation for its alleged violations of its UNIX software agreement with SCO.

"SCO's lawsuit seeks the following relief:

  • Enter an order that DaimlerChrysler has violated Section 2.05 of the Software Agreement by refusing to provide the certification of compliance with the "provisions" of that Agreement;
  • Enter an order permanently enjoining DaimlerChrysler from further violations of the DC Software Agreement; and
  • Issue a mandatory injunction requiring DaimlerChrysler to remedy the effects of its past violations of the DaimlerChrysler Software Agreement; and
  • Award damages in an amount to be determined at trial; and
  • Enter judgment in favor of Plaintiff together with costs, attorneys' fees and any such other or different relief that the Court may deem to be equitable and just.

"The lawsuit will be filed in the Oakland County Circuit Court in the State of Michigan today."