SCO's Exhibits to Daimler Chrysler Complaint

Wednesday, March 17 2004 @ 06:36 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

Here is the complete complaint with exhibits in the SCO v. Daimler Chrysler lawsuit.

Exhibit A is the software agreement between AT&T and Chrysler Motors Company ("AT&T Information Systems Inc. Software Agreement" dated September 2, 1988) and Exhibit B is the December 18, 2003 letter from SCO to "Chief Executive Officer, Chrysler Motors Corporation", one of the "Dear Unix licensee" letters.

You'd think they'd bother to get the name of the CEO and while they were at it, get the current name of the company right too. I know they always tell you to do that when you send a resume. This seems more important than that. The company today does business as the Daimler Chrysler Motors Company LLC. The LLC stands for Limited Liability Company, by the way. Chrysler Motor Company was a licensee in 1988. Is Daimler Chrysler Motors Company LLC still under that license, without any schedules or amendments or letters in the interim? I wonder if the right person even got the letter? I can't wait to read DC's answer. Our thanks to KSham for running to the courthouse and scanning it all in for us.