Two Quick Things, No Three

Saturday, March 20 2004 @ 06:40 AM EST

Contributed by: PJ

First, this is to let you know that we have a new feature on Groklaw. If you don't wish to read anonymous comments, just click the little box on the Comments bar that says "Hide Anonymous?" and then click Refresh, and they will be stripped out. You can make the choice permanent in your user preferences page.

I know some of you wanted me to block all anonymous comments, but I didn't want to block them altogether, because privacy is vital to some in order to comment at all. This seems a healthy solution. Feel free to use the feature or not, as you prefer. The noise level has been rising, so now you have a workaround. Thank you, Niels, so much for coding it for us.

And second, if you want to test Novell's SuSE out without installing it, here's the address: (Geeklog won't let me make a link out of ftp addresses, that I know of) and the press release about it, which has the ftp address as a link, and here is their press release about LiveCD.

Third, Novell has announced that YAST, SuSE's installation, setup and config tool, has been liberated. It will be released under the GPL. Novell is serious, it seems, about getting it right. They announce it Monday.