Larry Lessig's New Book - Free Online Version of "Free Culture"

Friday, March 26 2004 @ 01:30 AM EST

Contributed by: PJ

Larry Lessig's new book, "Free Culture", is available for download as a PDF, under the Creative Commons License, free in both senses. He says this about the format, and it sounds like he could use some help:

"Thereís been a lot of noise about the formats for Free Culture ó or rather, the format. Iím a big believer in PDF, but the reason Iíve not posted more than PDF is just this ó Iím not a production company! Nor am I half as cool as Cory. But as I licensed CC under a CC-attribution-noncommercial license, anyoneís free to make a derivative work of the PDF so long as not for commercial purposes. And if you send a link (or a file), Iíd be happy (and grateful) to link to it from the Free Culture site."

He also explains a little about the book:

"Thanks to the lessons explained by others (Cory), and the courage of a great publisher (Penguin), Free Culture launches today with a free online version of the book, licensed under a Creative Commons license."

Click on the Penguin link to buy the book in paper format.