Here's AutoZone: "We Should Go Last, and What Code Exactly?"

Monday, April 26 2004 @ 01:42 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Finally, we have AutoZone. I must warn you that one of the filings is huge, because they added as exhibits all the prior legal actions, and so while I am making it available, you might want to wait for us to try to detach it from the exhibits, especially those of you on dialup. With that disclaimer, here is their Motion to Transfer Venue and their Motion to Stay or In the Alternative, for a More Definite Statement, the long one.

Essentially, they tell the court that they should be granted a stay until all the other cases are done. SCO hasn't yet established it has a copyright, so it isn't in position to sue for infringement. But if the court disagrees, AutoZone asks that SCO be required to tell them more precisely what they are alleged to have done wrong. What, exactly, they would like to know, is the code they are supposed to have infringed and exactly how? Ah, yes, the eternal quest to know what code precisely we are talking about in Linux. How large a crowd would like to have the answer to that question may be discerned by the size of this filing. I haven't read it all myself, but we can do that together. Meanwhile, AutoZone has joined the line, where they would like to remain the last to be heard.

By the way, if anyone is in a position to drop by the Michigan courthouse and pick up the DaimlerChrysler material filed there, please contact me. I know one of you did already offer long ago, but I've lost your email somehow. Thanks.

UPDATE: The long document is now available in chunks here, number 10. As some of you have observed, the Motion for a Stay stops in midsentence on page 16. We will have the rest soon.