SCO Shuts Down Polish Office; Former Manager Opens Linux Business

Monday, May 10 2004 @ 07:51 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

In response to my request that readers keep an eye out for SCO news in non-English media, I received this email letting us know that SCO's Polish office has been shut down. Furthermore the former head of the office has set up a Linux business, specializing in helping folks migrate from SCO software to Linux.

Here is the email:

"As an answer to your request about non-English articles about SCO: Internet sources in Poland (Europe) report that 'due to restructurization of sale channels in eastern Europe, the SCO Group has closed its Warsaw office, that used to be responsible for east Europe sales'. The office worked until the end of april 2004. Sales in Poland will be coordinated from the German office.

"It is reported that Alexander Sirotin, former Manager of the Polish office, has started his own business under the name Luxos, that is going to sell SuSE Linux and offer help with migration from SCO systems to Linux. It is also mentioned, that SCO's anti-Linux actions affected sales negatively prior to the closing.

This text is a compilation from several articles, with some omissions:

"Strange thing is that SCO website still has Alexander Sirotin as Polish and Russian contact for SCO -- and ."

You can verify the Polish to English translation at this site, with the usual laughably charming results. For example, here is Poltran's version of's article:

"Translation: It has closed warsaw office of firm with end of april for sale of product in east europe responsible     SCO Group. Hitherto existing manager country, Alexander Sirotin, it has departed from firm and it has set up (has founded) personal linux of unix - ( ) LUXOS Operating Systems. Will concentrate on sale of system of production linux Luxos SuSE, it offers migration from systems on presently SCO SuSE."

And here is Poltran's best effort on the Networld report:

"Translation: Sale of license have contribute on linux for considerable incrementation of (growth of) income SCO Group. However, it has caused crusade Antylinuksowa, that last time it was led in europe firm weakly, where solutions are rooted on market factorial open source. It has sold off department (squad) in half (hunt) on central europe 2003 SCO and eastern (eastern) and scandinavia, which (who) szefowa? Greg Bogochwalski. Number of employee of (staff of) warsaw office has fallen off also, activity has ended in april which (who) ultimately. They have not burned out plans of cooperation with (from) also SCO Optimusem. Now they will be responsible for sale of product on our market SCO Robert Duic and Lubomir Mitanek, from german shoulder of department of (squad of) firm acting. Store house (magazine) brings (deliver) CRN, that Alexander Sirotin, hitherto existing chief of warsaw office SCO Gropu it has set up (has founded) new firm - already, which (who) with (from) favor (services) related system linux swiadczy wdro?eniami SUSE."

We get the idea. SCO is downsizing, and they are being harmed by their attacks on Linux. And the enterprising Alexander Sirotin has set up shop with an eye to selling what he believes people there are interested in buying, help to escape from SCO.