Groklaw Wins Linux Journal Editors' Choice Award

Sunday, July 25 2004 @ 06:06 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Things have been so busy, I am just now getting to tell you that Groklaw has won the 2004 Linux Journal Editors' Choice Award, for Best Nontechnical or Community Web Site. You are a large part of what makes Groklaw what it is, so I wanted to make sure you knew our work has been recognized.

I feel really honored. And Groklaw is in some wonderful company. Linux Weekly News, which I have written for as well, won again for Best Technical Web Site. There an article now about Oracle's patent on "self service system for web site publishing." Sigh. Larry Lessig's book, "Free Culture" won for Best Nontechnical Book. I guess it depends on how you define "nontechnical." I have just read a chapter of his book aloud to send to one of the groups that makes the book available as audio. It was fun.

Here's part of what Linux Journal said about Groklaw:

"If you sold your TV when LA Law went off the air, this is the site for you. . . . Greg says Groklaw is 'now the home page of more IBM executives than any other site.'"

That made me smile. I knew the Washington Post reported that legal teams on both sides use Groklaw as a resource. If that is true about executives, too, it's news to me, but hey, guys, welcome to Groklaw.

And thank you, Linux Journal, for this award. I truly appreciate it.