IBM's Addenda to Redacted Memo Re CC for Copyright Infringement

Tuesday, August 24 2004 @ 02:26 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Here's IBM's Addenda to Redacted Memorandum in Support of IBM's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on its Counterclaim for Copyright Infringement (Eighth Counterclaim), which I believe wins the award for longest title yet in this case. It is basically just a cover sheet for filing all their exhibits, A through R, all of which appear to be code comparisons showing SCO code that IBM alleges is identical to their copyrighted code in Linux.

SCO has also filed a sealed ex parte motion for permission to file a supplemental memorandum regarding discovery, with two more declarations. The court clerk's notation looks like this:

8/19/04 245 SEALED Ex parte motion by SCO Grp for leave to file a supplemental memo re: discovery (tsh) [Entry date 08/22/04]

8/19/04 -- SEALED Proposed documents from SCO Grp entitled Supplemental Mmeorandum re: Discovery, Declaration of Jeremy O. Evans, and Declaration of Barbara L. Howe (tsh) [Entry date 08/22/04] [Edit date 08/22/04]