AutoZone Hearing Set for September 9

Friday, September 03 2004 @ 03:25 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

With the usual warnings that we shouldn't assume Pacer is necessarily correct, they have an entry that says there will be a hearing for AutoZone's Emergency Motion for a Stay for September 9 at 10 AM:

"#38 - hrng on Emergency mtn to stay 9#37) is set for 9/9/04 @10am bfr RCJ crtrm 7D. cpys dist."

It's likely a typo, obviously, but not my typo, so I am recording it as is, but it probably means to say that the hearing will be on No: 37, which is AutoZone's Emergency Motion to Stay number. So if any of you can attend and let us know how it goes, that would be lovely. It would be wise to call the courthouse first, to verify time and date before you make the trip, including on the morning of the hearing.