Darl, Blake and Chris Being Deposed

Tuesday, September 14 2004 @ 09:18 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Well, well, lookee here. In the newest pile of documents, we find this nugget: a list of folks being deposed, on videotape, no less, shortly. Darl is being deposed. So is Chris Sontag, Blake Stowell, and Reg Broughton. You'll find the list on page 26 of this document, along with some hilarious letters between SCO and IBM. Here's the deposition list, and don't you just wish you could be a fly on the wall?

1. Mike Anderer - Sept. 21
2. John Terpstra - Sept. 23
3. Greg Anderson - Sept. 28
4. Philip Langer - Oct. 5
5. Greg Pettit - Oct. 7
6. John Maciaszek - Oct. 12
7. Jay Petersen - Oct. 14
8. Wolf Bauer - Oct. 19
9. Larry Gasparo - Oct. 21
10. Bob Bench - Oct. 26
11. Michael Davidson - Oct. 28
12. Blake Stowell - Nov. 2
13. Reg Broughton - Nov. 4
14. Chris Sontag - Nov. 9
15. Darl McBride - Nov. 16

These are all SCOfolk or ex-SCOfolk, some oldSCO, like Larry Gasparro. Several UNIX guys, I note, like John Maciaszek, SCO's UnixWare Product Manager who may know something about LKP and Project Monterey, and who handled some of the breakouts at SCOForum, Philip Langer, and Jay Petersen, who seems to be able to speak about the SCOSource licenses. Terpstra worked on UnitedLinux, of course. I understand Michael Davidson was in charge of Christopher Hellwig's work on the ABI project and worked on Xenix. I have heard he was involved in the USL-Novell purchase too. Greg Anderson was in partner relations, I'm told. Bob Bench on the list too, I see. I hope they ask him when those stock sale plans were set up and when they knew they were going to sue IBM. Mike Anderer you know. Wolf Bauer is their VP of Engineering, and had some involvement in the Linux Standards Base project, according to this report, and maybe some involvement in ELF documentation. Obviously, IBM knows what they are doing. I so hope we get to see these videos someday.