New Legal Docs Page

Saturday, October 09 2004 @ 12:45 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

I wanted to let you know that we have revamped the Legal Docs page, the page with all the documents filed in the various lawsuits. I say we, because David Truog has agreed to maintain the page. I don't have time any more to maintain it properly, and he kindly offered to take over.

There are actually two Legal Docs pages, one, which you can reach from the Legal Docs link on the left, now has been made shorter by moving the exhibits off the page. There is a second, longer Legal Docs with Exhibits page, with all the exhibits listed by name, and you can either go there directly from a link at the top of the shorter Legal Docs page, or, as you go down that shorter page, if you wish to see a particular set of exhibits, you can click on the "Exhibits" link and go directly to that particular set of exhibits.

I also have put the documents you are most likely to be looking for in bold type. If it's just another ex parte motion for leave to file an overlength memorandum, it doesn't rate bold. Also, if we don't have the document, because it is sealed, it isn't in bold, but it does have a note that it is sealed.

I hope this will make the page more useful to you. If what you are looking for is a straight timeline, the major cases have their own timeline pages, which now also have links to the documents filed, in PDF and text, and those pages are being maintained by Loguar. My deepest thanks to them both for freeing my time for other necessary tasks.

I wanted to explain about all the changes we have made, because I always remember the story a dairy farmer told me. It seems that cows are creatures of habit. If you change something, it upsets them deeply. One day, he painted the inside of the milking barn a bright new color, and one of his best cows dropped dead on the spot when she saw it. So, just in case any among us are creatures of habit, and actually I kind of am myself, I wanted to let you know about the changes, so we didn't have someone find the page changed and faint dead away on us.

Seriously, I really wanted to say thank you publicly to the maintainers for their hard work and the excellent ideas they brought to the projects. Further suggestions are always welcome, of course.

Also, there is a new project you might like to know about, a website and Wiki set up to solve hardware support issues that GNU/Linux users may run into. Linux Online has the details. And here is the project.