Motions for Today's Hearing

Tuesday, October 19 2004 @ 09:21 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

There are two motions to be heard by Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells today, as I understand it, IBM's Motion to Strike the 7/12/04 Declaration of Christopher Sontag and SCO's Motion to Compel Discovery. It's a bit complex, so I thought another nice chart might help. Credit for this one goes to Loguar, who did the heavy lifting for us, using the chart format I used for the last hearing. SCO filed a Motion Regarding Discovery, IBM responded and then SCO filed a Reply Memorandum and in support of it, they filed the Sontag declaration. IBM then filed a motion to strike. The chart includes all the filings, for context.

This is for overview, and I don't guarantee it's 100% comprehensive. If you see any errors, do post them, so I can make any adjustments, but this is what I believe is the material being argued today. We did our best to be accurate within the confines of time available for the task. The chart is taken from the Pacer history of the case, so you can cross-check for accuracy yourself, and if there are any elements that don't match, Pacer would be authoritative. Even that isn't the dernier cri, because there could be last-minute activity we just don't know about.


IBM Motion to Strike

SCO Renewed Motion to Compel