So, How Was Your Day?

Monday, November 01 2004 @ 09:15 PM EST

Contributed by: PJ

So, I get home from an unbelievably hectic day, and what do I find? A notice that TechWeb readers have submitted their choices for their Best Independent Tech Blogs of the year, and out of nearly a thousand entries, Groklaw made the top ten. I figured you'd like to know. You can vote for yourselves if you wish, or one of the others on the list, if you prefer. I'm just letting you know what the notice said. Considering that Slashdot is on the list too, I'm thinking we should say that just being nominated is a great honor.

: )

And to tell you the truth, whoever did this, I really think it was sweet. Thank you.

Oh, and SCO's website isn't going up today. Maybe never. They say they have "legal and management concerns about the content of the Web site". Maybe they figured I got libeled enough for one day.

So, how was your day?