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Tuesday, August 19 2003 @ 01:37 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

UPDATE: Lots of analysis of this available now by Bruce Perens, and LWN and Slashdot. Thank you, Groklaw readers. You are, once again, amazing. I knew you'd come through, but I'm amazed at the speed.


There is a comment on Yahoo! Finance from a poster whose identity is unknown to me. Normally, that would mean I wouldn't mention it on Groklaw, as I have scrupulously avoided anything I couldn't evaluate and verify. But this is something I'd be delinquent not to report, I think, now that it's on the internet anyway and public. So I will just say that I am putting it up with a request that those who can appropriately evaluate it do so. Here is the message in full:

"SCO's 'proof. A joke.
by: d1rkinator 08/19/03 09:10 am
Msg: 29448 of 29609

  "The code SCO finds offending:


"Its location in Linux:


"And its heritage:


"Ok, SCO: This was easy. Now, show us the other many examples.

This is definitely one of those days I wish I were a programmer. Feedback, those of you who are?