How MS Used "FUD Drip-Feed" to Make Sure Its Competition Ended Up "Dead"

Friday, May 30 2003 @ 11:57 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

You can learn from history. I found an old Caldera Statement of Facts in its lawsuit against MS. Yes, this is the same unfair competition case, settled in January of 2000, where the documents are now being turned into toilet paper by Caldera/SCO. It's no wonder MS would want that to happen.

If you were wondering why the SCO story keeps going on and on, with no real substance being put out for all to see but apparently a life of its own, consider what happened behind the scenes in the world of PR, otherwise known by some as FUD, in the Caldera/MS battle.

According to the Statement, and the many Exhibits, MS used FUD to deliberately cause the public to think that DR DOSS, Caldera's competing product to MS' DOS, had "compatibility problems" running on Windows when it really didn't and in fact was a superior product. The FUD worked -- DR DOSS failed as a product, hence the lawsuit. The entire Statement is here. Perhaps Caldera learned from history too?