SCO Customer Support Says Server Down for "Upgrade or Update or Something"

Monday, August 25 2003 @ 02:13 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

I suggest anyone interested in this story read through the comments from yesterday and today on Groklaw. Some really fine investigation has been done, including this report from John Gabriel, whose own sleuthing yesterday made him wonder about the report about an attack on SCO's servers, so he called SCO today:

"I called the 1(800)SCO-Unix number. First I talked to someone named Michael in Inside Sales. I thought that was odd and I must have hit the wrong button, but no big deal, maybe he can answer the question anyway. So, Michael tells me that they are working on it but he doesn't know what the problem is.

"Ok. I'm not satisfied with that answer, so I ask for tech support. 'They're working on it,' Michael says, 'they won't have the answer either.'

"I thank him for his time, and call again. This time I go into customer support. I ask for tech. support. The very nice woman on the phone says she will transfer me to Michael, in Inside Sales.

"'Wait," I say, 'I want technical support.'

"'Well, he is the technical support.'

"'Are you telling me you only have one tech support person?'

"'Do you have a contract with us?'


"'Well,' she says, 'Michael sells the tech support contracts.'


"'You can try the web.'

"'Your web site is down. Do you know why?'

"'Oh, they took it down for some sort of upgrade or update or something. If you give me your number, I can call you when it comes back up.'

"'No, thank you. I'll just keep checking it. Thanks.'"

This matches what ViaWest tech support indicated to me when I called them yesterday, and while it isn't proof positive, it's at least an indication that there may not be any attack on SCO's website. In time, all the evidence will all be out there. For now, you might like to take a look at the work Groklaw readers have done in the last two days, trying to figure out this mystery. Their best guess matches what the SCO Customer Support person told John Gabriel.

At any rate, as John reports, "So, whether or not it's true, that's definitely what they are telling people."

I'm sure there will be more information in the days ahead, but for now, let's just keep watching.

James Dornan just called them too and he was told the same thing:

"I have just called the 800-SCO-UNIX phone line, pressed option #5, and spoke with a 'Customer Care' person about The SCO Group's web site outage. The lady on the phone was cheerful and nice, all the best things you could expect from a person handling problems. She claimed that 'We upgraded the site this weekend, and are having problems getting it up come back up.' "

So, which story is true, do you suppose?