SCO Site Down Today Again --

Tuesday, August 26 2003 @ 09:49 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

SCO Site Down Today Again --
But They Say it Wasn't an Attack

Whatever happened over the weekend, today's outage definitely was not an attack, according to a SCO spokesman:

"The Web site of embattled software maker The SCO Group Inc. was inaccessible again on Tuesday, fueling reports of another denial of service attack. . . .

"The outage prompted Netcraft to declare that SCO was again the target of a DoS attack. However, the outage was actually due to preventative measures taken by SCO and its hosting service to mitigate the effects of future attacks, according to company spokesman Marc Modersitzki."

As usual, the press isn't quite correct. Here's what Netcraft actually has up on its news site now:

"The SCO site was up for a few hours during business hours in Utah, but has since failed again. Many news sites carried the story that Eric Raymond had spoken to a group responsible for a Distributed Denial of Service attack on the site and that they agreed to stop. However it appears that this may have been a hoax, or they subsequently changed their minds, or another person decided to continue the attack."

Or, the one guess they didn't think of, SCO did it themselves. It's good that at least Netcraft made it clear that they were only guessing.