Japanese Government Says Keep Using Linux --

Wednesday, August 27 2003 @ 11:51 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Japanese Government Says Keep Using Linux --
SCO Fears "Unnecessary"

The Japanese government has come out with a report, which calls fears over using Linux "unnecessary", despite the SCO claims, according to this article:

"The report said, 'If there are misunderstandings or unnecessary fears to use open source software among users, this means there would be a huge loss of opportunities for the software industry and the government to have access to it, and it would hurt the lives of the people.' The ministry stressed the report was compiled for the purpose to remove such fears from the minds of people.

"The 111-page report covers the licenses, the latest trends and situation surrounding the use of open source software, some case studies to explain how it is used by people and problems that may happen when companies use it."

I have tracked down where the report is available in Japanese as a pdf. If any Groklaw readers (are you are a talented bunch) can offer translation of pertinent parts, I know we'd all be grateful. By pertinent, I mean particularly the report's coverage of the GPL, as noted by this news report:

"The METI report clarifies the GNU Public License (GPL), the rules governing how the software may legally be used and offers definitions of terms in Japanese. There are also comments by experts on how ambiguous areas of the GPL are to be interpreted, said the report."

The Japanese press release is also available here.