Disappearing Comments Article Disappears

Wednesday, August 27 2003 @ 01:42 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

Amusingly, the brief note I placed about disappearing comments and my struggle last night to reconstruct the home page disappeared itself just now. I had tried to delete it yesterday, because right after posting it, the comments function suddenly turned back on. It took Radio almost 24 hours to reflect the change, but it finally happened -- just when I didn't want it to, after some really interesting comments had been posted to my note. Radio software is maybe staggering under the daily load of so many visitors and so many comments. And then there's me and my skill set.

We've had more than a quarter of a million page reads in the three months or so Groklaw has existed, and the first month there wasn't a huge audience, and it's really in the last month and a half that it's taken off. The audience keeps growing. We're moving to a permanent web site as soon as we can, so thanks for your patience in the meanwhile. Your lost comments are still viewable