Boies in a Post-Enron World

Saturday, August 30 2003 @ 07:49 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

I went to the Boies, Schiller & Flexner web site, and then clicked on the lawyers' listing by name, and I find that Mark J. Heise, not David Boies, is listed as representing SCO. You can try it for yourself by going here and then clicking on "Lawyer Profiles" and then choosing B and then H from the alphabet. However, it doesn't list any current cases for Boies at all, so that may just be their policy. Still, it's interesting to look around the site, if you have a high tolerance for Flash.

And here is an article from the Miami Herald last year, explaining a bit more about the firm and the merger with the Florida firm of Zack Kosnitzky. Between the article and the web site, you get a feel for the outlook of the firm and its clients. One thing I didn't know about Boies was this:

"The post-Enron world has given rise to a trendy legal specialty: the defense of companies accused of suspect accounting and insider self-dealing. At the top of the field is hot-shot New York attorney David Boies. . . .

"Zack says his firm brought Boies Schiller much-needed manpower, expertise and exposure to the Florida market, and Boies brought high-profile business. The Boies Schiller firm now has 160 lawyers -- both litigators and corporate attorneys.

'''We're a good resource to them and them to us,' he said. 'We did this deal to be involved in cutting edge litigation.'

"Zack, the litigator who worked closely with Boies on behalf of Al Gore during the election recount in Florida, is the administrative partner in Miami. Boies is the lawyer who represented the government in its attempt to break up Microsoft on antitrust grounds and Napster in its losing battle with the record industry.

"He probably would have been involved in the Enron defense too had he not agreed to represent Andrew Fastow, former chief executive officer of Enron, as a favor to one of Boies' law partners.

"And, it's not just the Miami litigators who are involved in the big suits. Zack's partner, corporate attorney Michael Kosnitzky, has been in the thick of it with Adelphia, the nation's sixth largest cable TV operator."

What a specialty. In fairness, the web site lists quite a few other areas of practice as well.