SCO Must Pay a Fine in Germany or Go to . . . gasp . . .Jail

Monday, September 01 2003 @ 08:29 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

No, you're not dreaming. Here is the story in German, being reported by And if you scroll down a bit, you find this unofficial translation, telling us that the Munich regional court has decided to punish SCO, fining it 10,000 Euros, ruling that it didn't abide by the injunction when it put up the claim on their web site that end users :

" . . . who use the software Linux could be made responsible for protection violations of intellectual property of SCO still after the publishing of the temporary injunction.

"The SCO Group GmbH has two possibilities: It can pay the 10.000 Euro punishment or the manager is taken to prison for 10 days."

Hmm. That has a certain satisfying ring, I must say.