"I Cannot Tell a Lie" -- George Washington

Thursday, June 12 2003 @ 09:46 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

ComputerWorld is quoting Bill Claybrook, one of the analysts who saw the SCO code under the NDA as saying he has "no idea" if there's a problem with the code. How could he say that if the code and even the notes seem to be identical? Because he couldn't tell where the code had originated or who put what where first. Another thing bothered him:

"...he asked SCO officials if they had any 'direct evidence' that IBM copied any System V code into Linux and was first told there was no such evidence. Hours later, he said, SCO officials called him back and told him that they had 'misspoken' and that they did have such evidence. 'That's kind of strange,' Claybrook said."