Let's Hit the Books

Sunday, June 22 2003 @ 06:37 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

I have seen several websites offering legal analysis of the SCO case that are based on what I would call "How I Think the Law Ought To Be". Such arguments, moral or ethical arguments, although of value for other purposes, will have no influence on a judge, because that isn't his job. That's for the legislature. His job is to interpret what the law currently is. I apologize I have no time today to put this in any logical order.

So to help you think the way the judge will be thinking, so you can think of something or notice something that could prove helpful, here are some legal resources explaining how the law is currently:

Harvard's Basic Intellectual Property Primers
Includes a section on Contract Law, and Trade Secrets:

-- Contract Law in Cyberspace, by Larry Lessig, David Post, and Eugene Volokh -- Basic Framework
-- How Do You Accept Offers?
-- Contracts of Adhesion
-- The Terms of the Contract

Copyright Issues and the Internet - A Link Digest

Internet Legal Resource Guide
...their Utah statutes page, with a Utah-only Google search tool

Cornell Law School's Legal Information institute

National Federation of Paralegal Associations' Legal Resources

LawGuru Search Page

Digital Copyright



Tech Law Journal

Bitlaw on Trademarks

US Patent and Trademark Office

SSRN.Com's Legal articles search page


Cyberspace Law Institute (papers on cyberspace law issues; courses on cyberspace law issues, and interactive forms

Emory Law Library Federal Courts Finder

Washburn University School of Law's WashLaw Web

Harvard Journal of Law and Technology

Boston University School of Law's Journal of Science & Technology Law

Phillips Nizer Internet Library

Yahoo's page of Law Libraries

Cornel Law School's Legal Information Institute's Supreme Court Collection, searchable

The 'Lectric law library Reference Room, with dictionary, lexicon, legal topics

Oyez Oyez Oyez, Northwestern University's The Oyez Project, US Supreme Court Multimedia Database