LinuxTag Wins Concession from SCO Germany

Wednesday, June 25 2003 @ 02:30 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ is reporting, in German, naturally, that SCO has filed a court document essentially agreeing not to repeat any more FUD in Germany against Linux. Here's an English computer-"translation" by Sherlock:

"SCO adds itself warning by LinuxTag

"The LinuxTag is present now an omission assertion of SCO Germany. Therein the enterprise commits itself to state in the future not further of Linux operating systems contained illegitimately acquired mental property of SCO Unix. The SCO Group will also not continue to state, final users could be made liable for the use of Linux or would have prosecution to fear as well as Linux are an not authorized derivative of Unix. During offence become a contractual penalty of 10.000 euro due.

"Against SCO several warnings are present. The association LinuxTag was selected of SCO as a recipient of the omission assertion, since this had expressed a warning as one first and a representative selection of the Linux users represents the members. The warning should force SCO to submit proofs for the alleged law breakings or take the statements back.

"Johannes Loxen of the German Linux federation regards the omission assertion as a partial success for the Linux municipality, since now the Vorverurteilung of the Linux users is from the desk. Now enterprises, which sent warnings away, check as the SerNet GmbH, whether the omission assertion is sufficient representatively of all warnings."