UM...Stay Focused People... Nah. Let's Not.

Sunday, May 18 2003 @ 02:12 AM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

SCO's Sontag says that even if Unix code is in SCO's own Linux distribution, which SCO has just taken off the market, it would not invalidate SCO's claim. He says if it's in there, it wasn't authorized by SCO but would have been put there by "third parties who violated their contract and licenses."

My favorite quotation: "The issue is that SCO's intellectual property is in Linux, and that's where we have to stay focused."

Heh Heh. He wishes. This is getting more enjoyable by the day. I do not rule out some surprises, but only because Boies is who he is, and he wouldn't be going forward with nothing up his sleeve, but so far, the more SCO attacks the tar baby, the more stuck in tar it gets.

If you want to see what they think is the crux of their dispute with IBM, SCO has put up selections from their complaint, and since they are highlighting it by doing this, it likely means they think it's the best they have. Proof to follow. Or not. Clearly, though, SCO is feeling some heat from the backlash. Actually, it's more a culture clash.