Shop 'Til You Drop

Thursday, June 26 2003 @ 05:34 PM EDT

Contributed by: PJ

If you would like to follow all the buying and selling of SCO stock by SCO execs, mostly selling, go here. I did, and here is what has happened in June:

Senior VP Reginald C. Broughton sold 5,000 shares at $11.08 per share, proceeds of $55,400 on June 20

Darl McBride bought 7003 shares at price 0.001 on June 13.

VP, Finance Michael P. Olson sold on 6/11/03 6,000 shares at around $8.60 a share

Jeff F. Hunsaker, VP, Int'l Marketing, sold on 6//6/03 5,000 shares at 8.9

Bawa Opinder, VP Global Services, sold on 6/3/03 all his stock, 15,000 shares, at 6. On 6/4 Opinder bought 15,000 shares at 1.2 and sold 15,000 shares at 6.6

On 6/9 CFO Robert K. Bench bought 4,000 shares at 9.16 and sold 200 at 9.19, 500 at 9.201, 400 at 9.2, and 1900 at 9.3.

I am showing all this info, because according to some Slashdotters, Yahoo and MSN aren't showing the complete list, even though they used to. I went to the sites to see for myself, and sure enough, it's true that not all the information is there. Whether it used to be there I was unable to verify. Compare and contrast the above info with Yahoo!, which shows only one trade and MSN's MoneyCentral, which is also incomplete.